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You can't Dance with the Devil on your back

So this is me, I am myself and to quote something a close friend used to say when he thought no one was listening
'you're youer then you and truer then true and there's no one you-er then you'. That's who I am. When no one can see me.

But out there in the Real World though, I'm an entirely different person. Out there I'm a young professional. I was raised in Indiana, am obscenely obsessed with coffee and electric violin. I read Lord of the Rings with a 50 Shades dust jacket because I do have to keep up appearances after all.

I'm not the Girl Next Door even though that was my angle when I competed in high school beauty pageants. I don't call myself a runner even though I'll make you eat your own dust when I crush your time in a marathon.

And I'm a Hoosier living a dream life in London (secretly though I'd give my right arm to move back to Seattle).